Lokker Family History
A Legacy of 300 Years



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The Lokker family traces the roots of its tree to the Netherlands province of Zuid Holland and the small island of Goeree-Overflakkee.

This is their story...from managing a farm in the Netherlands as early as the 1700s, supervising the reclamation of land from the North Sea in the 1800s...serving and dying in battle during the U.S. Civil War and World War II...and helping establish the Dutch influence in Western Michigan, New Jersey, and Iowa.

This website introduces you to the men and women whose heritage IS the story of the Lokker family…including surnames of Locker/Lokker, Mulder, Boven, Troost, Elenbaas, Schrotenboer, Hartog, Mierop, and so many others…and also presents the stories upon whose shoulders we stand today.

Enjoy the ‘History’ section of this website that chronicles stories that contribute to our family’s legacy. View the pictures in the ‘Photos’ section and look at unique records in the ‘Documents’ section. Also please send comments, suggestions, questions, and improvement ideas through the ‘Contact Us’ link.